Hot Sex By The Road

Hot Sex By The Road

Dear readers, as we were on our return Journey to back Home after Our Honeymoon, I was driving the Car down the Hills. So, By Late Evening, when it got Darker, we had reached back to Plains. So, Now, there were Wide Open Roads of Punjab to Ride-On. Cool Breeze was blowing Outside, making the Climate more Pleasant. We were having a Good Feel of It.

It was about 11:30 in the Night, when we were just 100 Km’s away from our Home Town. Pleasant Night Climate was arousing Our Feelings. On the Way back, I Knew a Place, where the Road was Closed, as it was under Construction or some repair work was in Progress. so, the main Road was diverted to Other Road on the right side,

just 500 metres in advance with a Diversion Sign-board, So, No Cars Proceed on, Towards Under Construction road. I Knowingly Crossed the SToppage Mark & Took the Car ahead by some 200 metres on deserted Road, as at night Time, there is Nobody on work in that area. I Parked the Car on a Side & Inside the Car, I Pulled Jyoti towards me. I kissed her warm Lips Pationately.

We were in a deep smooch. We decided to move onto the back Seat. We need not move out, as we were into a SUV. As she was wearing a Saree, I Opened its Nod & Pulled it Off, immediately. Now, She was into Blouse & Petticoat. I broke the String of Petticoat & Pulled it Off, also. Now, she started Opening the Hooks of her Blouse & Opened it and spread it on sides.

I ran my finger through her beautifull Milky Cleavage. I Pulled Off her blouse & started Licking on bare area of her breasts, In the Meantime, she had removed my Clothes & reduced me to my Jockey’s. My Vest had also gone Off. I Pulled the String of her Panty & Opened its front. I started Licking her Pussy. She Grabbed my hair & Pulled my head Closer on her Pussy.

I was Loving the Taste of her wet Pussy. Soon, we decided to move into 69 Position on the seat, but she gave an idea to enjoy it in the Open, Outside. I also Liked her Idea, There was no Fear in Us, as this was a Deserted Road, with No Scope of any Passerby vehicle reaching there. we had a Big Towel in the SUV Vehicle, I helped her to get Rid of her Undies, by Pulling Off her Panty & Then, Opening the Hook of her Bra.

Now, she was down to her birth-suit. I gave her the big Towel to wrap on her body & then, Told her to walk on the deserted Road in the Dark. She Opened the Door & Stepped Outside and started moving on the Road, with Only Towel wrapped on her body. The Lights of vehicles moving from Signboard at 200 metres from us, was shedding a Little Glare upto the Position, where we had Parked.

She was a Little fearfull. I also moved out and started walking Towards her on the Road. I was Only wearing a Frenchie. She was some 100 feets away from me. I told her to remove the Towel & Told her to walk All Naked towards me, while holding the Towel behind her in hands. The Moonlight was falling on her Milky white Body.

She was Looking Like an Angel, Like Venus-The Goddess of LOVE, walking All Naked, under the moonlight. She reached Out to me. I Pulled her Closer & she dropped the Towel, near her Feet. I Put my Lips on her’s. She Kissed me Passionately & started Kissing my Face, Neck, Shoulders, Naval, Legs, Toes & then Pulled Off my Only Cloth, with her fingers down.

My Penis was fully errect & was throbing to satisfy her. She Put the Entire Length of Penis in her mouth & made it Wet. Then, She started Licking the Entire Length of It. She Sucked it for almost 30 minutes. I Pulled her & Picked her up in my arms. I Laid her on Bonnet of the Car & Started Licking her Pussy, again. I Put my Tongue inside & started moving it In & Out of her Vagina, rapidly.

She was screaming with Joy. I decided to move to nearby fields to have a wonderfull Sex Experience. We Locked the Car & moved the fields. We spread the Towel there & I laid her on her back, I spread her Legs & Put the Tip of my Penis on her Vaginal G-Spot. She was Soooo Wet by that Time, that Half of Penis Slipped into her vagina.

I Pushed it harder & put the entire Length inside of it in One Go. Due to Sudden Push by me, she Gasped a breath. I was Stroking her heavily & she also was Shaking her hips with a huge thrust to Enjoy fully. We both were running into each other like Railway engines. Then, I Pulled Off & Moved her into Doggy Style Position to make a Rear Entry.

I Pushed inside & continued the Rhythum of stroking, immediately. We Continued fucking for Long, then, I felt that My Orgasm was Closer, then, She Told me to Pull it Off, as she wants to Lick It & Spread the Sperm on to her Breasts. I Pulled it Off & She Sat on the Towel on her Knees & Started Licking the Wet Penis, Loaded with her Pusssy Juices.

As, I was About to Cum, It came with a Thrust inside her mouth & it filled her Throat with Some of it, as I was Late in Pulling it Off. Some of it, Fell on her Face, and the remaining of it, I Spread on her breasts. She rubbed it like a Jelley on her Tits. Her Tits were Looking Like shining Stars under the Moonlight. We both are All Naked.

We started moving Towards Our Vehicle, while in Arms of Each Other, without any Worldly Fears & Apprehensions into Our Minds. We Entered into Our Vehicle, Cleaned Up each Other, wore Our Clothes & continued Our Journey back Home…

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